The video that was posted on social media drew a lot of people’s attention to a scene where there were young men in the uniform scene and what they did was they were waiting for something.
These images have attracted the interest of a lot of people and received a lot of comments from people, let’s take a look at some of these people’s comments on the images.
Damnit my mind is going through so many emtons and dirty thoughts right now.

I’m half asleep and was like why is everyone just standing or sat around in a rain down poor and totally not reacting and then realised it was a fountain 😅
they are twins in the beginning of the bald fellow is the cops twin, addiction?? the cop is shocked.. if you look close they do look alike. also the two of them in uniform show how far the one has fallen or has come. that is my take on it.

Can we please find out who these gentlemen are so we can happily miss court dates or get public intoxication charges but seriously we can find these to
I did it ! It was me! I admit to every illegal thing I have done in this life and the next! Come and put me in handcuffs. I’m asking for you to be rough! 😂
I saw the old man once, almost laughed my azz off in the subway, wish I could’ve seen the cop instead though
Hear me out, maybe this is how a Karen was born. The first time she calls the twins the twins showed up 😂and she grows more angry each time she calls because they aren’t dispatched😂😂😂.

I knew twins. One worked in the PD other Sheriffs. There were some confused people when they stood next to each other in different uniforms.
As handsome they are I Thank You for your services it isn’t easy but you are good guys who want to keep the peace 😊Thank You ❤stay safe 😊