The video captures the training image of a training place, in order to not disappoint people in any situation.
The video of a group of people worrying about a person lying on the ground can be seen as one of the police reports.
A man shot a woman in the back with liquid and she was in so much pain and screamed so loudly that everyone panicked at her screams.
Although it was really painful and she suffered, it surprised everyone and did not believe that she would make it.

If you want to become a police officer to protect the country, you must first go through serious and exhausting training classes.
To be the core in the movement to protect national security; propagate and disseminate guidelines, policies and laws on social security, social order and safety; guide, inspect and urge agencies, organizations and individuals to comply with the law on social security, social order and safety in the commune according to their competence.
At the training schools, there are strenuous training sessions, preparing each person to study and practice to improve their physical strength as well as their ability to judge and handle situations that occur.

show you how it feels when you have to do this to someone so you don’t just use it because you can. Show you the true power behind your weapon and don’t take it lightly.
strengthen training and retraining to improve the management, command and administration capacity of cadres at all levels, especially training in infantry combat techniques, mixed combat techniques and specialized tactical techniques; combines military training with political, logistical, technical and physical training for soldiers.

In military training, units have focused on training the entire main army, local troops, infantry units, motorized infantry, armed forces, armed forces, border guards, specialized troops; attach importance to training in exploitation and mastery of weapons and technical equipment on the payroll, especially new weapons and equipment; well organized drills of the general round, group of forces, tactical exercises with live ammunition, exercises of synergies of troops, exercises of defensive areas, ensuring safety, etc.
Through practical training and exercises, agencies and units have researched and developed theories about the war to protect the Fatherland and military art in new conditions; perfecting determination, combat readiness plan, combat plan at all levels, ready to promptly and effectively handle situations that arise.