Recently, a video was posted about a forest fire happening nearby and the person who posted this video is the owner of the helicopter taking water from the

swimming pool to put out the fire.

It is known that this fire was close to her house, so when the fire department came to put out the fire because the fire was too big, the helicopter could not

support it, so the helicopter used ropes and tied her to her bag then put that bag in the barrel and get water to put out the fire.

This is an emergency and quick so there will be no need to ask for permission as the landlord already knows and agrees. Firefighters and helicopters quickly coordinated and after a few hours the fire was out, everyone was exhausted and trying their best.

Netizens welcomed this, some viewers said that thanks to the fire department and the support of helicopters transporting more water, the fire was completely extinguished.

“Best! RFS”

“These heroes tried to save us”

” Great “