An online viral video of Kinnady Devine is hard to watch, but powerful. While in the hospital battling a deadly disease, the sick little girl went to Heaven. But don’t worry – she went back to praising Jesus and then made a full recovery!
In January 2017, Rachel and Levi Devine were living every parent’s worst nightmare. Their bright and bubbly 6-year-old Kinnady suddenly has to fight for her life.
Somehow, she contracted bacterial meningitis, an infection that causes inflammation of the membrane (meninges) surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This is a serious illness that can cause death in just a few days. It needs to be treated with antibiotics immediately, otherwise serious side effects such as brain damage or even death can occur.

Rachel and Levi sit in the hospital with their sick daughter, most likely fearing the worst. Meanwhile, a call to friends and family popped up on Facebook, asking people to pray and help in any way they can.

To accurately diagnose bacterial meningitis and determine which strain of bacteria is the culprit, doctors need to collect cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This meant a spinal tap for poor Kinnady. Next, they will give the girl antibiotics to fight the infection.
Kinnady Devine, The Girl Who Went To Heaven After Spinal Crimping

Kinnady lay on the hospital bed, surrounded by her loving mother, father and Nana. Rachel couldn’t resist filming little Kinnady after the painful and scary surgery. The sweet girl couldn’t stop praising her family and thanking the nurses for taking care of her.
Sometimes the burnout from the stressful treatment made Kinnady feel the worst and the little girls nodded. This happened when the little girl put her hands together and began to pray. And it was in that moment that the girl went to Heaven.

Even though Kinnady appeared for a split second from what we could see, she turned around and excitedly exclaimed, “Here I am?!

The surprise and delight of the girl when she opened her eyes and found herself lying on a hospital bed with loved ones around was completely real. It was almost as if she had just returned from a long journey.
In the midst of thanking her family and telling them how much she loves them, Kinnady talks about how she’s getting better and how she prayed to get home.

“I prayed that you could come home safely with me,” the tearful girl explained to her father around 3:50.

Kinnady’s mother later explained that when she fell asleep, she must have thought she had died and gone to Heaven. And when she regained consciousness, little Kinnady began to pray again.

Rachel then explained to the doctor how Kinnady woke up and said she went to Heaven and prayed.

“It is good to pray,” Kinnady exclaimed. “I love God and I love Jesus…and live with Him!”

Moments later, the little girl sweetly took her mother’s hand and asked her family to pray together. And right after that, she excitedly declared: “I am better!”

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