Recently, a video after being posted has attracted a lot of attention and controversy from the online community.The video was recorded by the owner of that car on his journey on the electric scooter. He used it on the sidewalk on the sidewalk for bicycles and pedestrians.

He ran at a very fast speed and his technique was very skillful. There were two policemen standing in front of him and the two of them also had to get out of the way so that he could run through freely and calmly.I bet this is a side street in Ragbrai town or an Iowa game…. well they won’t care unless you have swings.

It looks wide enough to be a bike path, but either way, it’s better than being off the road. However his interest to make the police move is absurd.
dude, it’s illegal for the police to park on the sidewalk in no emergency and you mean the only person using it for its intended purpose is the right??

How many more pedestrians do you actually see? Never understood why biking on the sidewalk is illegal when you can’t ride 35-40 mph and cars honking and most would change lanes and not see you. Bicycle vs car… The cyclist doesn’t win
When the motor vehicle is crowded a pedestrian path, it ensures almost NOONE walks on it.