Recently, a video after being published has attracted people’s attention and sharing about the actions of a young man.In the video, a black car in the distance with a blinking black loop is very mysterious and unique, which makes a young man curious about that strange act.

He was sitting on his car and assumed that the black car parked out there was a police car mustang.When the agents made a car for the law enforcement, they added a chip to make it faster. When they bid, they take the chip off. So you have a mustang !!!

Seriously, it’s a chip. It’s an ECM Flash and most cars are limited to 124mph. Crown Vic’s. Explorers, etc. 124mph. I have yet to see any police cruisers pass through an auction and be put back into the factory parameters by the computer.

25 years as an ASE technician and I’ve never seen this before. It may be different in other states but an Agent will have to accompany the VCIM program to return to the warehouse.Motors and transmission lines? So, are you actually driving a Chevy police car?