Recently,a video after being published has attracted a lot of interest and interest from everyone.A girl had to cry about her boyfriend’s actions. In the video, there were many people standing around. The two policemen arrested criminals.

Before he turned himself in, he proposed to his girlfriend. She burst into tears and relied on the policeman standing there.He did this at the gas station. How the hell could a gas station be a good place for this? Is this where they met?

This is a really good idea because it shows the other side of people of a certain race who don’t hate the police or label others as a racist. At the end of the day, love is love, and bother to do something unexpected for me. I said he did it. Congratulations to this couple. May God bless their love!
It’s a proposal she’ll never forget, I think it’s quite creative and all the people standing around where my friends and family are betting. Hope your new wife and yourself will have a happy and prosperous marriage!!!

“Ah yes, go outside your partner in a life-threatening situation to propose. Genius. (Obviously not actually but she doesn’t know that so maybe use your head) I would say, she was standing in front of him so they wouldn’t shoot him. She’s the only one. I’m just not sure it’s him.”