In urgent cases to protect national security, ensure social order and safety, or to prevent consequences of damage to society that are occurring or are likely to occur, the Traffic Police is carrying out patrolling and controlling tasks may mobilize means of transport, means of communication and other means of agencies, organizations, individuals and persons driving and using such means.
The Ministry of Public Security is drafting a Circular stipulating the tasks, powers, form, content and process of patrolling, controlling and handling administrative violations on road traffic by the Traffic Police.

The draft clearly states that the tasks of the Traffic Police in patrolling and control are to carry out orders and plans on patrol, control and handle violations approved by competent authorities; patrolling and controlling to ensure road traffic order and safety within assigned routes and areas.Detect, prevent and strictly handle violations of road traffic order and safety and other violations in accordance with law; coordinate with road management agencies in detecting and preventing violations of regulations on protection of road works and road safety corridors.

Investigate and handle traffic accidents in accordance with the law and the Ministry of Public Security; proactively or in collaboration with units inside and outside the People’s Public Security force to prevent and fight against crime and other law-breaking acts on road traffic routes, road vehicles and participate in the prevention of terrorism, anti-protests and disturbances, prevention of epidemics, natural disasters, fires, rescue, rescue, and fire and explosion settlement on road traffic routes as prescribed by law.

Through the work of patrolling, controlling and handling violations, detecting shortcomings in the state management of security, order and road traffic to report, propose to competent authorities, and make recommendations to the authorities. competent authorities take timely remedial measures; guiding, propagating and mobilizing the People to participate in ensuring road traffic order and safety and obeying the law on road traffic.