The video captures the image of a man riding a motorbike and being stopped and questioned by the police.
But many people left comments that the policeman must not stop pedestrians because it is not right and he does not mean to stop it, many people when watching the video have left comments.

This is why you shouldn’t ever stop. This, right here
So you didn’t deny going 115 mph that’s what’s wrong with you knuckleheads too many people die because of you want to see how fast your bikes can go on a residential area just dumbasses

This is why no one stops. No the cops do this because almost every biker would just ride off and this cop is trying to not let it happen. Bikers that run don’t pullover to begin with. still no excuse for a public servant to threaten bodily harm right off.

I wouldn’t get off the bike. It’s just like a car. Your not required and as soon as he said he nail him off the bike that’s threating assault.