A video appeared on social media that captured the image of a person driving a car, what made people think the behavior was fake.
He was walking down the street and there appeared a man walking up to him in glasses and face coverings, not even the back of his wallet that had led him to do so.

A white robber is in the middle of the road and he’s about to threaten a man who drives a motorcycle on the road.
a stupid video is seen as people claiming that it’s a scam and not the fact that they’re just making videos to get people’s interest that’s bullshit and what they do is stupid.
But when he met the robber while he was riding the motorcycle, he could run away without having to stop and let the man threaten him like that.

Many people are interested in the end of the video when someone asks where they want to see it live and the second part of it.
in the following video, we can see that the robber stole the young man’s car with very simple gestures.

i found him very weak before the little knife, but he could use his strength to fight back to that man so he wouldn’t get robbed so easily.
He was overwhelmed by the robber’s actions and as a result he lost his car.