In the clip, a young man posted a clip instructing him to shoot guns in non-fatal places. in fact getting shot in any joint is guaranteed to fuck you up. Where he pushes his shoulder there’s a risk of his pulsatile artery severing which means goodbye to your arm unless you’re near the emergency room. Generally if you’re about to be shot, you want it in a fatty or fleshy part of the limb, as far as possible but away from the joints. This means that you can apply a gentle bandage or pressure bandage to limit the damage caused. You’ll have a venous bleed that will eventually kill you, but you’ll have a fair amount of time dealing with that. Every place he spoke had a major artery running through them. If a person is caught, you can bleed for a few seconds.

Don’t believe anyone who says you can get shot and survive. Shot in most places in the body can be the fetus. It is an evil that one of us should not do even though counterfeit guns are also punishable by law. According to the law, prohibited toys include: Toys shaped like rifles, submachine guns, pistols: Air compression gun, spring compression shoots plastic bullets or bullets of all kinds. Water spray gun, fluorescent shot or explosive shot. Types of lighters in the shape of a grenade or a pistol. Swords, spears, bayonets, daggers, bows, crossbows made of wood, bamboo, plastic, compressed paper. Thus, model guns and fake guns are considered prohibited toys according to the provisions of the law. Because model guns are produced based on the shape of real guns. The production of these fake guns directly affects the social order as well as the general security of the State.

Using model guns, fake guns will be sanctioned according to the provisions of law. Specifically as follows: Penalties for administrative violations: Point c, Clause 1, Article 10 of Decree No. 167/2013/ND-CP stipulating penalties for administrative violations in the field of social security, order and safety; Prevention of social evils; fire prevention and fighting; domestic violence prevention and control as follows: “Violation of regulations on management of use of weapons, explosives, supporting tools, firecrackers and dangerous toys are prohibited: A fine of between VND 500,000 and VND 1,000,000 shall be imposed for one of the following acts:

Allowing children to use prohibited dangerous toys.” For acts of using fake gun models, users can be fined from 500,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND. If children are the subject of use, the legal representative will be responsible for the behavior of children using prohibited dangerous toys. In fact, the administrative sanction is of a deterrent nature, so that users can adjust their behavior, knowing that model guns are one of the toys banned by law. In addition, the strictness of the law is reflected in the fact that fines are imposed on adults if they are the subject of children’s use of prohibited dangerous toys. Because children are underage individuals who are responsible before the law. Impact on adults so that they can deter their children, minimize the use of fake toys that are prohibited by law: gun models, toy guns.