In the clip, there is a group of 5 friends, 4 girls and 1 male. You are playing a game of sitting on a chair by the pool. The female friend sitting at the front was about to go in and play when she got a phone call, she got up to listen, the girl in the shirt. White steals the chair where the female friend sits first and collects it for the purpose of trolling the female friend sitting in the front, when the female friend sits down, she will fall and fall into the pool because there is no chair in the back.

Suddenly having male friends like male gods to female friends, Run to get the chair of female friend number two for bcoo ta to sit. The third girl was so upset, seeing the first girl get up and continue to dial the phone, she ran to steal her chair and continued like that, he continued to take her chair. third for female friends to sit.

And so on until the fourth girl and at the end of the chair, he sacrifices his back for the girl to sit on. He was like a man to her, protecting her when she needed it. Care about care when she needs it. No matter how strong a woman is, she will have moments of weakness and need a fulcrum when she feels her heart is lost. And when women fall in love, they are weaker, they carry more in their hearts fear that not every man understands. And not every man is subtle enough to recognize, deep enough to share and sympathize. So taking care of her every day is something that women strong need to do to keep the fire for his love. When she has ‘feelings’, be there to listen and give sincere advice, so that she can understand your feelings and feel safe with you in every situation. difficult situation.

He may not love you for the rest of his life, but he loves you. Not only body, property, status but all belong to you. He knows that your body’s beauty will fade over the years. Therefore, he focuses on loving and caring about your inner beauty, which is your sensitivity and personality. He treats you like a lady, with equality and respect. He doesn’t mind cooking your favorite food, taking you out to eat and paying the bills. He also expects love and respect from you.