The clip shows a group of friends going out to eat but waiting for a long time. Traditionally so far, customers should not wait for more than 5 minutes.
Understanding this important factor, Trau Ngon Quan has set the criteria to race against time to serve customers as quickly as possible. The restaurant is currently operating with the principle of not letting customers wait for more than 5 minutes after ordering. Mr. Chu Van Cuong, restaurant manager, explained more clearly about this principle of Trau Ngon Quan:

“Usually, all the stir-fried dishes cooked in the kitchen are already cooked, brought to customers to enjoy directly. To ensure the barrel, you have to move very fast. From the time the order is entered into the kitchen to the time the food arrives on the table, at least 5 minutes must have a dish on the table for guests to use.”
Large restaurant, crowded peak hours is not a problem Trau Ngon Quan restaurant has an area of ​​up to 5,490m2, so the staff here is equipped with a balanced electric vehicle to move around to serve diners. At a busy time, it takes about 1 minute for the staff to walk from the kitchen to the guests, and 25-30 seconds by tram.

In addition, all staff are trained to ensure that they understand the process of preparing and serving customers. Thieu Quang Cuong, the restaurant’s waiter said:
“I run by tram with a long-distance model, so it’s fast, customers don’t have to wait. All staff are trained and guided to be sure. All are prepared in advance to serve customers. Bread and hot pot will take about 15-20 minutes to prepare before opening time to serve customers as quickly as possible.”
How does Trau Ngon Quan shorten the service time? “When serving, I have to focus a lot on the customer. I will stand at a place where I can observe the area I work. And just when the customer turns his head, the customer’s eyes look at me to know that the customer is in need of my service. I have to move quickly to see what the customer needs and what they want, I will serve”

This is the experience to support your fastest diners Hoang Thi Huong, the restaurant’s waitstaff. In addition, to shorten ordering time, each area of Trau Ngon Quan restaurant is equipped with a POS machine. At the same time, the restaurant always arranges a minimum of 6 employees for each 36-table area and 10-15 employees to carry the goods depending on when it is crowded. This ensures that employees are always ready to assist and serve customers immediately.