In the clip, the person enjoying skydiving falls from the helicopter, this is a dangerous game made by a professional who asks you not to learn.
follow. To enjoy 3 seconds of free fall when soaring out of the helicopter door and more than 2 minutes of falling under the parachute from a height of 800m, we must pass the health check at the Institute. Air Force-Air Defense Medicine with a strict procedure that almost checks the health of pilots. This is the first challenge and many of you, although very passionate, were also eliminated because of not meet physical requirements. Entering the classroom, the trainees must undergo a training course of about 4 months on Sundays every week at the Northern Aviation Club of the Army.

Air Force air defense. Initially, students learn the theory about the function and effects of umbrellas, learn how to fold an umbrella and a practical training program helps students master the move to separate. airplane doors, open parachute, land to form reflections. The movement of learning to leave the plane door is often the most exciting for students because it is practiced on an old plane. This is also the place. Everyone loves to take photos to record their memories every time they go to school. Once we have mastered the cold exercises on the ground, we continue to learn how to handle the above contingencies such as: Handling when two parachutes collide, when landing in the woods, roofs, ponds or when the main parachute cannot be opened, the auxiliary parachutes must be opened… These skills must be learned over and over again.

made a really good reflex and had to pass a thorough test at the end of the training. During the training on the ground, we also had to get used to being exactly 6
hours at the training center. Although the home is far away, there are students who still regularly show up on time to pursue their passion. Moments of free fall and self-challenge. The feeling of wearing on wearing a camouflage military uniform, his whole body tightly tied to the parachute belt and the umbrella lying on his back, stooping to take slow steps under the force of the wind from. Helicopter wings are fun. What was previously only seen in movies is now a reality. When the Mi-17 helicopter of the 916th Helicopter Regiment took off at the airport. Hoa Lac to get altitude, also when my heart beats faster, feeling nervous and excited. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the moment to dance. The plane reaches an altitude of 800m is also training time
The staff member opened the door to determine the coordinates to drop the trainees (at this time, according to my GPS speedometer, the plane flies at a speed of 100km/h).