The video sharing the moment of the girl and her husband made netizens laugh because this girl wanted to troll her husband even though she knew that her

husband had just finished sleeping with the baby, but the incident was worth mentioning here.

Since his son has trouble sleeping, he has been trying very hard to put him to sleep and now all he needs is quiet and no noise. She knew that but still trolled him, she raised her hand to punch him but didn’t hit.

She laughed and acted like that, making viewers extremely surprised, the man’s face was even more surprised when he saw his wife being trolled like that, she knew he couldn’t resist because he was busy holding a baby, so this is when she trolls him the most.

Although he found it difficult to understand, he accepted it because she was joking with him. More comments:

“Oh, she’s funny”

“This guy must be very difficult to understand.”

” If he moves I’ll wake up, she understands the rules”