There is a type of girl who all day just wonders what to eat, eat when she is happy, eat when she is sad, or “spend her youth” just to eat and lose weight.

The girl in this video can be seen crying, probably because she is mad at her boyfriend about something. But when she saw her boyfriend bring food to thfi cso, it seemed that she was happy and smiling again and sat down to eat very well.

Getting to know a girlfriend with such a hobby is a “bargain” for guys, isn’t it when the wedding ceremony isn’t fussy or expensive, but it’s all delicious cheap food.

Usually girls are the ones who love to snack. However, because of the fear of gaining weight, women often have to resent this regime.

Even so, sometimes you can still easily catch some girls who go against the common interests. These girls have an endless passion for food. They can eat regardless of sadness or happiness, “kill” many kinds of donkeys… What will it be like to love a “gluttony” girl?

According to the guy, the girl is not addicted to clothes, not addicted to shopping, not addicted to technology, not addicted to watching movies, just addicted to everything related to eating.

The two have been in love for a long time and are about to get married. However, the girl’s lovely hobby sometimes makes the guy “think”.