Recently in the clip, there is a man sitting in a car filming a clip talking about his children. As he shared: “My children have been up for four hours lake and in those four hours we tried to step on every nerve I had. These kids don’t care how you feel. Don’t care about today’s day how are you. The only thing they care about is what makes them happy.

My daughter woke up this morning, she was doing her makeup while sitting on the floor with her vanity little mirror me. She looked over at me, she said Dad, how do you think I did? I said, Scooch you’re four years old, absolutely no makeup, you’re so beautiful. She got up from where she was where she was, she walked over dead in front of me and she said is that what asked you. I said your fucking son in my face before I sucked your little one, I will close all makeup business. We then proceed to Walmart because I have to feed the chugs. While we were at Walmart she had to take her kids everywhere. Yes.

My son had the baby hang it on top of the bog, contemplating dropping it on its head without slipping. My daughter looks at my son and says if you drop him, I will fall on his head I will catch you in your ****. That’s not the way to talk, smash his head. These kids don’t care.” According to him, the fact that a 4-year-old girl knows how to use makeup and gossip with parents. Everything has a cause, if no one buys makeup, how can he have makeup, I’m sure it’s because the baby’s mother buys makeup Store it in the closet so the baby automatically takes it out to use. As for the fact that a four-year-old child speaks nonsense to his father, it is necessary to re-educate his child.