People in a village in the Philippines were surprised to see a squid with a size larger than a person.
On the morning of April 6, dozens of people in a village in the island province of Tawi-tawi, southern Philippines, flocked to see the giant squid, more than 2.4 meters long and 46 centimeters wide, picked up by a local fisherman. pulled ashore. This is believed to be the largest squid ever seen on the island, according to the Mirror.

Harold Eduardo Curtis, a fisherman living on the island, said: “I know who caught this squid. He worked very hard to pull it ashore, because the squid is very heavy. The squid looks very good. It’s beautiful, clean and bright. It’s quite healthy and young. Its meat will be excellent.”

Harold also admitted that he had never caught or seen such a large squid. According to him, this squid could be a member of a family of giant squid, and it is possible that there are many others larger than it in the sea.

This giant squid is considered a legendary sea animal because humans rarely catch them. Yet a fisherman caught this giant squid in the waters off Tawi Tawi Island, Philippines
According to the video recorded before and after this squid was caught, this bizarrely shaped mollusk weighs more than 160 kg and is more than 2.4 m long. With eight burly tentacles and huge eyes, this sea animal is no wonder the inspiration for a legend that has terrified seafarers for centuries.

The fisherman was pulling his net to catch yellowtails when he noticed the net was heavy, and realized it was a giant female squid around 5 a.m., according to the Japan Daily Press. Although the squid was still alive when caught, it died soon after being brought out of the water, the fisherman said.

“When I pulled up the net, the squid came up slightly. This is the first time I have seen such a big squid,” the Daily Press quoted the fisherman as saying