Guido, in Costa Rica, a man who deserves a medal for bravery for his willingness to take on the job of feeding crocodiles.
Guido is a tour guide along the Tarcoles River, Costa Rica. When participating in the tour, visitors will witness Guido show off his hand to feed the crocodile.
This man had the guts when he didn’t give the buffalo thigh to the crocodile to eat, when the crocodile had a large piece of meat in his mouth to enjoy, he snatched the meat back. Make the crocodile angry

The tour along the Tarcoles River is more impressive when there is a performance by guide Guido. He personally held a large piece of bait, raised it so that the crocodile up to 5.1 meters long jumped up and opened its mouth wide to eat.
Josh Edelson said he originally planned to photograph river crocodiles near Tarcoles Bridge using a drone because it is a popular hot spot for crocodile hunting.

However, Josh Edelson went in the rainy season, there were not many crocodiles around the bridge, so he had to go online to research the appropriate location.

He discovered ‘photos of a man who specializes in feeding crocodiles with his bare hands’ here and that person is Guido.

“I was very excited as soon as I saw it, so I wanted to see it with my own eyes and take pictures,” Josh Edelson said.
Other tourists on the boat are advised not to get out of their positions because just a little care can be eaten by crocodiles.

Josh Edelson said: “It was the moment when three crocodiles focused on Guido at the same time to get the raw meat he was holding in his hand. The crocodile was only about 30cm away from Guido. In that situation, he was must really pay attention, observe everything around to avoid being bitten by the crocodile. Just a little carelessness can cost you dearly.”
The tourists who witnessed the performance were amazed, they admired and booed. Photographer Josh recounted that there was a moment when two crocodiles were walking near the boat, there was a little collision that startled many people. One of them had thrown his oversized body into the air just above the side of the boat, his heavy tail slamming down, slamming the water onto the passengers.

The photographer admits that pursuing Guido’s journey to capture professional moments is putting himself in potential danger.