The video is about a talent contest, the girl on stage is showing her talent, and she starts to sing. Everyone in The audience was amazed at her singing; the judges shook their heads in disgust and began to laugh at each other and not understand what was happening. From panic to Suddenly the attitude was clearly shown on the judges’ faces, to the MC or the audience; they stopped as if stunned because of that voice. On stage, the girl is still very calm and immersed in the song, she seems to no longer care about everything around her and still performs her entire performance despite being like that under everyone’s attitude.

Any. The video, after being posted, caused many mixed opinions; many people criticized the girl’s singing voice and blamed her for not being aware of her abilities first.

When participating in the contest, some people think that this is a staging of the program to attract and influence the online community. On the other hand, a
Some people defended the girl and said that everyone has their dream, and even though it is not good, they have tried their best.

Some supportive comments such as:

“She has a decent voice; she needs to learn to sing. She needs to learn how to use notes properly. There’s room for change, and she can do it!
Maybe she doesn’t know that there are times when pain doesn’t sound so good. She needs to practice!”
“No way! She must be a tree! She has range and can keep a single note of the song right; what I hear, she should be able to tackle the song. This is a maker or person hat.
This woman sacrificed her chance for a face of a “shine”! Wouldn’t be surprised to find one of her pages blows up the house.”