It is said: “The tooth and the hair is the human body”, everyone wants to own a hair suitable for their face to enhance their beauty and promote their own advantages. Especially for women, taking care of their hair is extremely necessary. However, in each different culture, people have different ways to style their hair.
Recently, the video of an African man using a comb to comb deep curls into a curly hair attracted the attention of netizens.

His hair is braided into neatly lined worms, looking neat and interesting. If you first met this man, everyone would think that he has a neat head of hair, not only that he has little hair, but when he used a comb to untangle his deep hair.
Many people have to suddenly turn their backs, because he owns a thick curly hair

Of course, no one can stand it if dozens of worms “attack” on the head like that. This is actually quite a popular hairstyle of people in some regions in Africa.
The famous French biologist Haeckel once studied the shape of human hair and realized that: “While Asians have straight, black, smooth hair, Europeans often have blonde, curled hair. The reason is to block sunlight in hot areas, a lot of Africans have curly hair, ruffled as if wearing a wig.”

Because of the characteristics of weather, climate and culture, since ancient times, people in some parts of Africa used to braid their hair into tight curls. The reason is to prevent fleas, lice and other insects from multiplying on the scalp. Besides, such hairstyles help them feel more comfortable in the summer. Over time, such a hairstyle became a “trend”, from a young age girls and boys were braided into such tight curls.

This hairstyle is gradually considered the standard of beauty, most girls dream of having hair like that. They take a lot of time to neatly braid their hair, and there are even shops specializing in such curling services. If someone’s hair is too thin, a wig will be added.