The video that appeared on the controversial social network of a car is going to a lot of places and what has happened to those police cars.
Police cars are special vehicles of the police, used to chase criminals or perform tasks. There are two main types of police vehicles, cars and motorcycles, in addition to other types of police vehicles such as crime trucks, recovery vehicles.

The car can be used as a substitute for police officers. Its main function is to let police officers do their duty (such as taking statements or visiting warnings). Patrol vehicles can also respond to emergencies, and are often equipped with visual and audible warnings.
Crime car chase
The Ford Falcon FG X XR6 vehicles are used by the New South Wales Police Force as the pursuit vehicle in New South Wales. A chase vehicle is similar to a patrol vehicle, but is potentially a feature. High-tech, higher-speed, and certainly equipped with audible and visual warnings. These vehicles are usually only used for emergency response, so are designed to go fast, and can carry specialized equipment, such as rifles and pistols. In the UK, each station usually has only one vehicle which is called a regional car.

Traffic police car
These vehicles are used to patrol and control roads, especially highways. Each traffic police station usually has 4-5 vehicles, including patrol cars, pickup trucks and special vehicles
Multi-purpose vehicle

Some police forces do not distinguish between patrol, response and traffic vehicles, and may use a vehicle to fulfill some or all of these roles although in some cases this may not be the case. appropriate (such as a police city car in a high-speed highway). These cars are often a compromise between different functions with elements added or removed.