A NASCAR interviewee in Orlando, Florida came under the spotlight after he seized his moment and shouted ‘Fk Joe Biden’ live on air. The unnamed man donned a hat emblazoned with former President Donald Trump’s name at the Daytona 500. Talking to a FOX 35 Orlando reporter, the man said he was going to use the tradition of signing the race’s finish line to dedicate a few words for the president. “What do you think I’m gonna say? I’m gonna say, ‘Fk Joe Biden,” he said. “Oh no no we’re not doing that. That’s the risk we have when we broadcast live from the track,” the reporter said in response.

The identity of the man, who was picked at random by the FOX 35 Orlando reporter was not clear at the moment.
Who Shouted ‘Fk Joe Biden’? The phrase ‘Fk Joe Biden’ became popular amongst former president Donald Trump supporters and was heard frequently in major sporting events across the country last year.

What is ‘Let’s go, Brandon’?
The phrase, however, has since been replaced with ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ which, in turn, stemmed from another NASCAR event. The meme became famous after NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast
reported live on-air last October that the crowd at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama was shouting ‘Let’s go Brandon’ in place of ‘F**k Joe Biden.’
It was not clear if Stavast actually believed the crowd was cheering the NASCAR driver Brandon Brown or she deliberately tried to deflect from the profanity-laden chant

‘Let’s go, Brandon’ Merchandise
The phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon’ became popular amongst people as a way to openly criticize the president without using the expletive. The popularity of the phrase can be estimated by the
fact the merchandise emblazoned with the same, t-shirts, caps, and masks have become popular in the market.
Cases of people being kicked out of flights for flaunting ‘Let’s go Brandon’ merchandise were also reported previously.