An exasperated employee who was sick of his lunch being eaten by a colleague has shared the genius way he got revenge on the mystery thief.

His Chipotle meal kept disappearing from the communal fridge each time he stored it away.

The man decided to order another bowl of food and smothered it ultra-spicy chili so he could smoke out the culprit. Watch above.

“Someone keeps eating my hidden Chipotle, so I ordered the Chorizo bowl and crushed a ghost pepper in it,” he wrote in the video.

Ghost pepper was certified by the Guinness World Records in 2007 as the world’s hottest chili pepper, 170 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

After he hid the chili inside his lunch, the man filmed himself at his desk at work as he listened to who stole the food.

The sound of loud and uncontrollable coughing can then be heard in the background as he clicks on his keyboard.

The man has not yet provided an update on the lunch thief, however the video suggests the hidden ghost pepper did its job.

After the video was posted, it quickly received a lot of attention and comments from everyone. Commenters flocked to the comments section to praise the clever way the staff were in tracking down the food robber. Others also expressed shock at the blatant theft.

“Having someone else’s lunch at work is CRAZY for me,” one person wrote.

“I really never understood why anyone would think it’s okay to eat other people’s food from the workplace. Spice is well deserved,” another added.

One commenter simply wrote: “They’ve got it coming.”