Swallowing the whole chicken egg into its stomach, the cobra choked and could not crawl, causing it to vomit a hearty meal before swallowing it not long ago.

Not long ago, a cobra snuck into a chicken farm in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India, killing the hens and swallowing the eggs whole. Due to its excessive appetite, the snake choked shortly after, causing the legless reptile to roll on the ground.

The farm owner, after seeing this scene, called and invited a snake catcher to come. This person grabbed the snake’s tail, which was swollen from swallowing nearly a dozen chicken eggs, and jerked it so that it vomited “a hearty meal” out, before controlling it to take it away.

After a while, 9 chicken eggs were pushed out of the snake’s mouth one by one, surprising the people standing around. Children seem to be very eager, counting each egg vomited by the snake.

In early June, a python also sneaked into a chicken coop in Mai Chau town, Guangdong province, China. When discovered by people, this python vomited 5 chickens out and quickly crawled into the bushes to escape.