The video below captures images of a police dog training course; they throw a cannon upstairs and watch the dog’s reaction. How do you think you could deal with that situation? When he went up, he saw the cannon flying down and about to explode, so it quickly ran down and dodged.

A policeman runs over and hugs the dog; the policeman’s act of protecting the dog makes viewers extraordinarily excited and moved. He cares for and respects the dog; that’s it. It is a stunning and civilized act. The service dog is familiar to us; it is associated with the investigation of cases, helping the police to investigate in a way.

Faster and more thorough. It is ready to finish mixing in dangerous places and even sacrifice itself when performing missions. Service dogs have been selected and trained to perform assigned tasks in security and defense missions and the field.

Civil. These dogs are trained, trained, and crossed to serve the professional activities of people, especially in the military. Police (dogs) and in war. The best-known type of working dog is the German Shepherd.