In the clip, the young man’s friend on a motorcycle jostled the road and was crushed by the car’s car. This behavior will be punished according to the law. To clarify the problem of going in the wrong lane, how much is the fine? First of all, you need to know the current lane regulations. The Road Traffic Law No. 23/2008/QH12 of the National Assembly stipulates the following points that you need to pay attention to: First: You need to pay attention on the road with many lanes for vehicles going in the same direction. And are distinguished by lane markings.

You must keep your vehicle in one lane and change lanes only where permitted. When you change lanes, there must be a warning signal and must ensure safety.
Second: You need to pay attention to the order of vehicles. On a one-way street with lane markings, if you drive a rudimentary vehicle. You must ride in the innermost right lane, motor vehicles and special-use motorbikes travel in the left lane. Third: When you control the car moving at a lower speed, you must go to the right. According to the provisions of Decree 100/2019/ND-CP on penalties for administrative violations in the field of road traffic.

Will be specifically based on the vehicles you drive to determine the fine level. How much is the fine for motorbikes going in the wrong lane according to the new regulations? Wrong lane for motorbikes According to Point g, Clause 3, Article 6 of Decree 100/2019/ND-CP; regulations on penalties for drivers of motorbikes and mopeds (including electric motorbikes); vehicles similar to motorcycles; and vehicles similar to motorcycles violate road traffic rules, in which: A fine of between VND 400,000 and VND 600,000 shall be imposed on drivers of motorcycles, mopeds (including electric mopeds), vehicles similar to motorcycles and motorcycles-like vehicles, who commit acts of violation. the following offenses:

Driving the vehicle not to the right in its direction; not following the prescribed road or lane (in the same direction or in the opposite direction); driving the vehicle through the fixed divider in the middle of two sections of the roadway; operating a vehicle on the sidewalk, except for driving the vehicle through the sidewalk to enter the house; In case of going in the wrong lane or part of the road that causes traffic accidents, a fine of between VND 4 and 5 million will be imposed; Driver’s license revoked from 02 – 04 months.