The video clip above talks about the incident. When there is a red light signal, all cars are lined up in the correct lane to wait for the red light, then a car coming behind does not park in order, but runs to the front and squeezes between the gray car and the car.

pale green color. He stopped and slowly pushed in, the white car was afraid that he would hit the back of his car, so he backed up 1 meter. At that time, he was able to get in the front of the car, so he drove to the sidewalk to cross the road as quickly as possible. This action is too wrong, according to the law, it is not allowed to run a red light, go in the right lane, stop and park in the order not to jostle.

But this car was too illegal to park in the right lane, jostle, run red lights, ride on the footpath. And the owner who recorded the clip is also him, knowing in advance that his behavior is wrong but still trying to record the clip, the action is very unconscious, going the wrong way and taking action to return. Proving that he is very proud, unruly and does not respect the regulations of the state. Request the police and security to strictly punish this behavior for other cases to follow.