In the clip, a young man on a motorbike picks up his head, runs at a speed, and immediately meets two policemen. And he thought for sure he would be fined $1000 and go to jail but he wasn’t. The nice friendly policeman when he met the young man, he greeted me and told me that I would not fine him $ 1000 and not even a fine for sending him to prison. he said, “I don’t want to have to clear you off the road”, the law is in place to keep us safe….

Have fun and drive safe I love your car, it so beautiful” so we’re lucky to go on. In this clip, it shows that a very friendly policeman knows how to forgive illegal actions, he also said that the first time he will remind him to ignore it, and if he meets again, it proves that person do not respect themselves and will punish as prescribed by law. First of all, loading the vehicle is simply understood as the case where a person in traffic controls a vehicle with one wheel for a two-wheeler.

This is an act prohibited by law based on Point dd Clause 3 Article 30 of the Law on Road Traffic 2008: “3. Operators of two-wheeled motorbikes, three-wheeled motorbikes or mopeds are not allowed to commit the following acts: dd) Let go of both hands or ride on one wheel for two-wheelers, two wheels for three-wheelers.” This behavior will face administrative sanctions based on Clause 8, Article 6 of Decree 100/2019/ND_CP, specifically as follows:

A fine of between VND 6,000,000 and VND 8,000,000 shall be imposed on vehicle operators who commit one of the following violations: a) Let go of both hands while operating the vehicle; use the foot to control the vehicle; sit to one side driving the vehicle; lying on the saddle driving the vehicle; change the driver while the vehicle is running; turn around to control the vehicle or use a blindfold to control the vehicle; b) Driving a vehicle swerving or bouncing on roads inside and outside urban areas;