A video of a person posted on social media drew a lot of people’s attention to the unknown video when a man was sitting in a car and filmed a moment.
a policeman is arresting people who break traffic and that’s what everybody thinks it’s not like neus no video that that scene of behavior would be different it’s a share of a person on social media.

Or the police. Why would he be in trouble? Or does he go fast enough for you to pay taxes. A free-standing American should be able to travel 100 miles per hour if they want to, especially on an open road. You have no idea what freedom or freedom is. I bet you don’t even know when these speed laws are set up and why. You can’t use logic and common sense to set safe speeds, and cars today are much more capable of going faster and safer when these laws are in place.
On a road like this, I can travel 130 miles an hour safely, but then you can’t become a pirate on the road. No respect for the state police and executors.

Man, if you collide at 130 you won’t survive and if you crash into another car they won’t get anywhere either… the faster you go, the less chance you’ll survive or whatever hit you. That’s stupid, man.
It is done on Autobahn and Autostrada throughout. But they teach their citizens how to drive properly. US drivers like “Left Lane Camp” and text. That’s why we can’t have nice things like open speed limits like other countries.

You’re going to die at 70mph. I can drive my car at 130mph safely all day long. I must pass all the conditions that I will not do or you will use some common feeling and understand that I will only drive at high speed, where it will be safe. Montana, Wyoming Dakotas roads like 395 I 80. Like I said 130mph all day long.
This is an open road, with very little traffic. I drive a high-end sports car capable of 185 mph . Speed laws established in 1950 and 130 would be very unsafe but not in a modern car when traffic conditions permit. It’s called freedom.