The video tells about the working process of a food stall; their employees are preparing food. Specifically, they peel cucumbers and cut them into tiny particles to serve their dishes. Instead of doing it manually, they are equipped with modern machines with scrapers.

Martial arts quickly just put in the machine, the cucumber will be cleaned after 30 seconds, then taken to another device to be chopped. Nowadays
A developed society should produce a lot of devices to serve manual labor and complete work more efficiently.

Besides,Many people think the owner is too picky when doing so they can be cleaned quickly without needing such machines. Also, many people believe that
the video is a waste because there is nothing to care about here, and they quickly recognize the brand of the store through the uniforms of the staff here.

That is Dion’s; Dion’s was founded in 1978 by Jon Patten and Bill Scott, childhood friends from Birmingham, Michigan. The couple moved to New Mexico and bought a small pizzeria called New York Pizza in Albuquerque to convert it to a Greek restaurant. The name for their new location will be ‘Dionysus,’ the name of the Greek god of the grape harvest and wine. When both received a bid for their new sign, they shortened the name to “Dion’s” to save money.