If you spend money to buy a drone, it will not be possible to talk about this issue. For those of you who love inventions, building a remote control plane is always

a dream, it not only satisfies your creative needs but also can enjoy your achievements while flying in the sky.

Homemade foam planes are sold for about 25,000 VND / unit, depending on the size. They have an elastic core, which is connected to the propeller. Users can store potential energy when turning the propeller for about 100 revolutions, when released, the aircraft can fly thanks to the energy generated by the propeller.

Make your own drone. However, with the skillful installation of the electric motor, governor, battery and actuator, this craft can be transformed into a high-tech toy.

There are many types of electric motors, used here is the old style brush motor. Receiving signals from the controller, the governor has the effect of increasing and decreasing the voltage, adjusting the number of revolutions of the electric motor, deciding the flight speed.

Servo motors are actuators that help control the aircraft in flight, through the wings. This unit also operates according to the remote control signal. The battery used is a li-po (lithium-polymer) battery with light weight, fast charging and high energy storage capacity.

Chun will be removed and replaced with electrical equipment, cleverly arranged in the fuselage. The engine is connected to an existing propeller, which is mounted at the front of the aircraft.

The actuator is connected to two swingarms, one transmits motion to the rear wing for left-right orientation, the other to the tail wing to adjust the flight up or down.

After less than an hour of assembly, with a weight of 180 grams, this “improved” foam plane is ready to take off. The aircraft can reach a speed of 30km / h, operate within a radius of 2,000m and fly continuously for 10 minutes before having to change the battery.