The video captures the disputed image of two people, one being a citizen and the other a policeman.
The video caught the attention of a lot of people and the actions of the policeman.
Strictly obeying orders is understood as the act of obeying orders in a neglectful and arbitrary manner.
To put it more simply, the act of not strictly obeying the order is to comply pro forma (neglect, over the speaker, basically not caring about the results of the work,…), late (not in the time prescribed for the start, end and progress of the order) or arbitrary (arbitrarily changing the content of the order) orders of the commander or the competent superior agency.

A lot of people stood by and watched, but no one intervened to stop them.
What happened to those two and why they fought in the middle of the road.
Many people have left their comments about the police man’s actions.
When not dead people don’t work, you’re allowed to turn dead people, she’s white, so you didn’t do it, 12 bastards.

for people who don’t know how to study anything. 18 times more likely than a black man to shoot a cop.
i shot a black man. From Jan. 1rst to 30 November
306 police officers were shot 57 dead. Can you name one? At the same time, 218 White spand was shot by the police and 135 blacks were shot by the police. No one can name a white man or a cop who’s been shot.
So for those without education, please continue to attract fake and lying liberal networks.

It’s funny how some whites feel alienated about blacks saying it would be a completely different scenario if it were a black person. I understand that’s not what the video is about, but it certainly isn’t surprising to see how patient he is with her.
Jeffrey James doesn’t like cops. He may use certain laws or policies to use violence against her in violation of the Constitution. I doubt he’s legally applying the impracticable, substantial, due process that she has. You are a shining example of the public school system for your ill-educated comments.