The video recorded a guy riding a motorbike on the road and then the police came and talked to him, both of them were very pleased about something and then

he said he needed something there.

What is the state law on riding with newbies while drinking coffee?? I was intrigued by this and I work in a motorcycle shop in the UK. The guy on the bike forgot the rules weren’t written, in that situation he should definitely buy the official coffee.

Wondering if being a celebrity has anything to do with it? $100 says I won’t take the coffee! Dude, get the police a cup of coffee while you’re there just to be sure.

No doubt, but the right thing to do in that situation is to bring him the coffee back. Especially if you will pass him again. I know driving with one hand isn’t ideal,

but many people say he should buy the cop a cup of coffee:

“I agree with the rest of the comments that you should also offer him a coffee”

“There’s no doubt he’s great!…but the right thing to do in that situation is to bring him coffee. Especially if you’re going to pass him again. I know. riding a horse with one hand isn’t ideal but ..laughs”

“Should buy him coffee”