Just hooked up a video after it was posted that attracted and made viewers have to mix up with these kids and black dogs.In a garden surrounded by old trees a group of children about 4 to 5 years old were playing with a black dog on the grass.

That boy took the sling in his hand and scared away, that Black Dog immediately ran over and took the sling away.The boy then grabbed a very long black snake under the grass and held it in his hand until the dog returned without fear.

Will that snake put the child in danger when holding them in his hand. When the dog turned around and ran to the sling where the child was originally, a long black snake appeared.They lie still and do not attack and harm humans. Some people think why the snake didn’t bite the child when held in the hand.

This is a black snake, they are completely harmless, just good for keeping hamsters out of your house. it looks like a king snake, hard to tell without looking up close but it appears to be one, it’s a good snake when around, they eat snakes you don’t want around.That father put the kid in this situation so he can handle the situation, which is really dramatic and cute.
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