After the trial, Johnny Depp expressed satisfaction and happiness at the court’s decision. He insisted on being resurrected, returned the purity after many years of mourning.

As for Amber Heard, the actress believes, this is an unfair verdict for her and the women who have been victims of domestic violence.
Although the two were pretty tense when they went to court, to settle the dispute, when a video captured Johnny Depp still respecting the woman – his ex-wife.
It has caused many online communities to faint about this man’s background. According to the recorded video, when Amber Heard got out of the car Johnny Depp was holding a cigarette in his mouth.

Freshly awakened, but just because a girl’s statement caused this man to change his face, instead the face was unpleasant but still calm.
But instead of putting the smoke in her face, he signaled the girl to walk forward, then exhale the smoke out of her nose, and shut the door to her.
Speaking for the last time in court, Johnny Depp called Heard’s testimony “disgusting”, “ridiculous” and “humiliating.” He said in the courtroom: “No human being is perfect, certainly not. None of them will. But I’ve never in my life committed sexual abuse, physical abuse or all these weird, outrageous stories about me committing these things. I have lived with it for many years and waited to be able to come to the truth”.

The seven-man jury, composed of five men and two women, mostly sided with Depp in the Virginia case, awarding him more than $10 million in damages after discovering that Heard had spoken ill of him in her 2018 article. Heard won one of three complaints and received $2 million. Both are appealing the verdicts.

In a live post-judgment interview, Heard told NBC News correspondent Savannah Guthrie that she still holds on to her testimony and explains why being cross-examined for sexual assault is stressing her. “The most frightening thing for anyone who announces sexual violence is not to be trusted, to be called a liar, or to be humiliated,” Heard says.

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