In the clip, there is a guy wearing blue shorts, a blue hat, and black shoes. He was carrying a seemingly light box, he dangled like a child when he entered
On the lawn, people saw some children’s toys on the lawn, he kicked the rubber ball with his right foot to the front, then threw the box on the ground.
mf did not think it was the box he delivered to the customer, he continued to jump on the rocking chair, jumped to the third one, he fell down and cleared the customer’s box.

He got angry and kicked the box to the front, then left. That action shows that, not respecting the job as well as himself, maybe he doesn’t like the job
your job. Wanting to be a shipper needs to have its principles: Make an accurate, detailed, perfect plan for your route. Guaranteed shipping distance
shortest, fastest and safest cargo. Carefully check the product before receiving delivery, make sure the item is intact, good quality. Packed securely,
Store products carefully. Keep a polite, cheerful and open attitude with customers.

This is an extremely important factor, directly affecting the quality and reputation of the translation service. If the service attitude of the delivery person is not good, causing customers to complain, the reputation of the service will certainly be reduced. Always carry a mobile phone. act, call the recipient before shipping the goods. In case the customer has an unexpected busy job, he cannot directly receive the goods at that time. Or maybe the customer will ask to change the delivery location. Bring the confirmation documents when delivering.

Beware of being cheated by bad guys: Today’s society is very complicated, there are bad guys taking advantage of it. freight services to harm, rob the goods carrier. When the customer requests to move the delivery location to a deserted place, few people, You also need to be vigilant. Pay attention to safety whenparticipatingin traffic, do not rest in the middle of the road, avoid delays, which will greatly affect the reputation of the service.
The action of the blue shirt guy is against the shipping regulations, so he has to pay the customer’s money and be fined.