The girl standing in the box slowly pulled up, then the legs to the body and then the head disappeared? What is the mystery here?
Magic has been a pastime for centuries, sending generations of children and adults venturing through a range of emotions from fear to excitement.

Sitting in the middle of a crowd and watching a magic show is an indescribably exciting experience. After being guided through each step by the magician and arriving at the final surprise, the audience will “eyes A, mouth O” and exclaims: How can they do this?!
According to the video, the girl accidentally broke the TV screen while cleaning, was too scared because she was afraid of her mother’s scolding, fortunately there was a box nearby, so she decided to make the most magical escape.

The girl who put the box on the ground walked in and slowly pulled the box up, then the viewer was surprised that the tiny box could hold the big girl, then the girl disappeared, only to empty box again
Perhaps the most confusing thing in this performance is the fact that the girl disappeared in the tiny box even though it was suspended from above, is there a teleportation here?

Of course, many expert magicians in the industry can tell the trick a colleague brings on stage, especially with simple and common tricks.
However, that does not mean that the magician’s “secret martial arts” is widely known to the audience.
In fact, here the girl used a trick, using the help of video editing software to cover the lower body, and produced such a video that covered others’ eyes.
It’s easy for those who don’t know, but for those who have professionally edited videos, this is a simple trick even at the level of elementary school students.

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