In the clip, the father and son were crossing the street, when a car did not pay attention to the road and crashed into the legs of the father and son, the father panicked and backed up behind the hand to hold the baby. was thrown forward, he couldn’t keep it in time, so the baby fell on the road, the tire was on his left leg, he told the driver to back off. After he backed away, he got out of the car to ask and the people around ran over. Penalties for drivers of motorbikes and mopeds (including electric motorbikes). Vehicles similar to motorcycles and vehicles similar to motorcycles: Not paying attention to observe, operating vehicles exceeding the prescribed speed, causing traffic accidents. Overtaking or changing lanes against regulations causes traffic accidents (Decree 100/2019/ND-CP on penalties for administrative violations in the field of road and railway traffic)

At Point b, Clause 7, Article 6 of Decree No. 100/2019/ND-CP on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of road and railway traffic, there are provisions: A fine ranging from VND 4,000,000 to VND 5,000,000 and having the right to use a driver’s license revoked from 2 to 4 months for drivers who commit one of the following violations: Failure to pay attention to observe, control the vehicle to exceed the prescribed speed, causing traffic accidents; entering a highway, stopping, parking, turning, reversing, avoiding, overtaking, changing direction, changing lanes in contravention of regulations, causing traffic accidents; failing to follow the right part of the road or lane, failing to keep a safe distance between two vehicles as prescribed, causing a traffic accident or entering a road with a signboard stating that entry is prohibited for the type of vehicle being driven, going in the opposite direction of a one-way street, going in the opposite direction on a road with a sign saying “No going in the opposite direction” causes traffic accidents, except for the violations specified at Point d, Clause 8 of this Article;

According to the provisions of the Civil Code 2015, “any person who intentionally or unintentionally infringes upon the life, health, honor, dignity, reputation, property, rights and other legitimate interests of an individual , infringing upon the honor, reputation, or property of a legal person or another subject and causing damage, they must compensate.”Regarding the liability to compensate for damage when a traffic accident occurs, the Civil Code 2015 of the National Assembly stipulates as follows: Those who commit acts of infringing upon life, health, honor, dignity, reputation, property, other lawful rights and interests of others, causing damage, they must compensate. The person causing damage is not responsible for compensation for damage in case the damage is caused by force majeure events or entirely due to the fault of the aggrieved party, unless otherwise agreed or provided for by law. other…

Actual damage must be fully and promptly compensated. The parties may agree on the level of compensation, the form of compensation in cash, in kind or the performance of a job, the mode of compensation once or many times, unless otherwise provided for by law. The person responsible for compensation for damage may be entitled to a reduction in compensation if there is no fault or unintentional fault and the damage is too great for his or her economic ability. When the compensation level is no longer consistent with reality, the aggrieved party or the damage-causing party has the right to request a court or other competent State agency to change the compensation level. When the aggrieved party is at fault in causing damage, it is not entitled to compensation for the part of the damage caused by its fault. The party whose rights and interests are infringed shall not be compensated if the damage occurs due to the failure to apply necessary and reasonable measures to prevent or limit the damage to itself.