act against official duty executor means an act of using force, threatening to use force, or failing to comply with orders or requests of an official duty performer, or committing other acts to obstruct law enforcement officers from performing their duties. assigned tasks or force duty performers not to perform assigned tasks.

In which, official duty performers are cadres, civil servants, public employees, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the people’s armed forces assigned to perform tasks by competent agencies, organizations or individuals. , powers as prescribed by law and protected by law in order to serve the interests of the State, people and society.

In case, the act of resisting the official duty performer has enough elements to constitute a crime, he will be examined for penal liability for the crime of resisting the official duty performer.

Specifically, Article 330 of the Penal Code 2015 (amended 2017) stipulates the crime of resisting public official as follows:
Those who use force, threaten to use force or use other tricks to hinder official duty performers from performing their official duties or force them to perform illegal acts shall be subject to non-custodial reform for up to 03 years or a prison term of between 06 months and 03 years. Committing the crime in one of the following circumstances, the offenders shall be sentenced to between 02 years and 07 years of imprisonment