Last night I posted about my Karen neighbor and well last night she pushed to far.

My girlfriend and I were outside on the front deck playing video games I brought the tv out so we could play some games have a beer and just enjoy the evening.

It wasint late 7pm about dusk.

My girl and I are having a few rounds of Mario cart 64 (in my opinion the best one) when Karen gets home and marches her ass over to say WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING

She was referring to the tv on the deck the beer in hands or the general enjoyment of life I replied just enjoying our evening.

Karen told me to take all the crap and my whore inside it’s not the place for this crap.

And that’s when she finally pushed to far and I snapped

I stood up and told her to shut her f****** mouth get the F off my property or in going to drag her off.

Karen laughed at me saying I have no idea what’s going on

Karen said she sees cars and men going in to my home all day when I’m at work.

(Karen’s not wrong alot of people stop by during the day to see me she has the girlfriends car and mine mixed up she doesn’t realise I basically working from home)

I get even more pissed and walk to the stairs to confront her and she waddles back to her house in a hurry.

Cops show up 30 min later with a complaint.

Today I went to the police station and they gave me reason 7894 why I hate them they refuse to do anything about her they wouldint take a report NOTHING they said it’s a personal matter it’s my problem.

They told me to just stay inside if she doesn’t like me o. The deck because it’s causing them problems

(The only dam reason I chose this house was that beautiful front deck I saw it as a perfect Hangout for my friends and I)

Well today I had plans to take the bikes out with my crew and Cruze down the highway but because of all this plans change.

I called one of my buddies Bruce (we call him hotdog …he is a hotdog vendor down town Toronto) Bruce got the word out about the change of plans.

Now the revenge is a very simple thing drive Karen crazy piss the cops off and just enjoy life.

So I’m going to leave out some important information untill we get to the point the cops arrive.

Some information about my friends and I we are all big Burly men most of us are covered in tattoos and if I said a biker that’s what we look like (except for frost he’s a short shit)

My friends get to my place at about 1pm you could hear them arrive 6 very big very loud Harleys pull up in your drive…. The entire house shakes…’s a thing of beauty.

The crew dismounts and we start our day just having a grand old time on the front of my place.

Karen eventually waddles her ass out of her house and we crank up the music (this time it was Barby girl)

When she starts walking over to my home we just all start Booooooing her Karen stops dead In her tracks jaw almost hitting the ground and walks back into her home.

We went back to enjoying our lives.

Cops show up. (Now it’s time to describe what was actually going on)

Well cops pull up and they step out the looks on there face…it was glorious.

Picture this 7 big Burly most of us bearded tattooed men sitting shirtless in short shorts sitting at a full sized poker table (yah I brought out my poker table!) Playing cards with money on the table smoking weed with a few beers.

(all perfectly legal checked the bylaws as long as it’s atleast 5 feet away from the public sidewalk)

well cops were pissed off they are getting annoyed being called to my house now on a daily basis

They want me to just do whatever Karen wants

After some words and some fast talk from my buddy soup boy (his last name is Campbell) he’s a criminal defence lawyer he works as legal aid lawyer

The cops knew there was nothing they could do.

I told the cops that if they don’t do something about Karen this is going to happen everey single day untill they tell her to stop being a bitch.

Cops went over to Karen’s and she came outside did some fake crying pointing and screaming at us big Burley shirtless men

As she was doing that we got extra mischievous and turned on the sprinkler.

So now we have Karen screaming and crying to the cops frustrated cops and 7 big Burley tattooed shirtless men in short short shorts prancing through a sprinkler (now with classics from the back street boys playing on the stereo)

Cops came back to talk to us to ask how long we were going to be … We said all day when they went back to there car we waved bye and said see you tommrow.

Karen closed all the curtains in her house and my friends just called taxes to go to their respective hotels we’re doing this all again tomorrow.

Oh I need to add something

My 70 year old neighbor on the other side came out at around 6pm to see what was going on

I love this guy he’s an old school hippy he sat down and had a joint with us

He gets harassed by Karen alot and hopes we keep it up.

He’s going to come over tommrow with a few joints of his home grow weed so SCORE.

Tommrow is going to be fun.