The video that appeared on social networks attracted the attention of many people and attracted a lot of interaction.
In the video we can see a car moving towards the end on a truck
I dont even need to see the guy recording to know exactly what he looks like.
Paul Illowsky nope….actually nobody did…go figure….they could not identify anyone because of the masks, and no license plates…..soooooo this time the good guys won
You just LOVE to see it

They might no the original owner of the bike , but his bike will get traded with another one of his friends bikes so even if the cops show up at his place looking for that bike…it will look like he already bought a new one whether they like it or not
I wish my homies were about that life  but I get it, we grown now, we ain’t got the time for that shit no more
If I was that tow truck driver I would of slammed that truck in gear and took the hell off so fast and watched them fly off the back and bounce off the ground ! Fucking retards !

Yeah, your very smart. Guess what, the cop already knows who the guy is who they took it from. Now he gonna get more charges. Went from a misdemeanor to a felony. You little bikers aint so smart obviously
Just keep driving the truck and don’t stop. The bikes won’t be able stop it. It’ll feel like hitting a speed bump.

Those 100 pound dirt bikes would be squashed.
I operate a tow truck/wrecker, the cops here would never have left us like that..if they did and that happens, we have every right to defend our selves by any means
Truck driver don’t know his job. Why wasn’t it chained down? Park your bike in front of my truck.. just a speed bump. I used to be the “credit adjuster” repo