Video of police demanding removal of stickers featuring Biden has attracted the attention of the online community
According to the video, a vehicle was stopped and the officer assumed they would have to remove the Biden stickers from his car.

I guess it might be off-putting to some but that’s a completely different topic that needs attention. too much parchment these days. I don’t understand how someone can get a quote for a bumper sticker because it’s so distracting. How about vanity plate? some can be extremely difficult to understand what they say and much more distracting.
These cops don’t get it, you can’t enforce comments!!!!! just because you don’t agree with it or like it doesn’t give you the right to stand in the way of someone because of it. not to mention how much they have to pay taxpayers in court costs because so many of these stupid quotes have been thrown out.

A Facebook promotional video from American First Action SuperPAC misrepresents Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s background on criminal justice reform, claiming he wants to cut police budgets. In fact, Biden has resisted requests from liberal activists to cut police departments budgets, proposing instead a $300 million investment in policing, subject to officers being charged. reflect the diversity in their communities.
Viewed tens of thousands of times on Facebook, the ad can be found here and here.
The ‘Shoot a Cop’ bumper sticker is branded dangerously by law enforcement officials who say they are powerless to stop free speech against the police