As we all know, a model is a person who has the role of promoting, performing, advertising for commercial products (contributing to highlighting costumes at fashion shows) or assisting in image expression to create art or pose for a photo.

Modeling (“model” in American English) is considered different from other types of public performance, such as acting or dancing. While the difference between modeling and performing isn’t always clear, appearing in a movie or a play is generally not considered a “model”.

A public figure or public figure is a person who is famous, well known, but not quite famous (in the narrow sense of celebrity is a celebrity who is recognized by society for his contributions to the public for their society).

Public figures can be actors, singers, beauty queens, models, politicians, sports athletes, gamers, scandals, celebrities, criminals, etc. Usually, contemporaries …

known through the internet, or through the mass media (press, television), often referred to as “Public People” and must accept being public make part of their

private life public as well as have legal protection for them.

Public figures are often victims of rumors, spreading scandals, sometimes smearing or gossiping anonymously. Both have their own careers and popularity, the video shows us each person’s charm and special when wearing expensive limited-edition outfits.

The famous models are filtered out by the cameraman and correspond to the clothes the celebrity wears. Netizens are extremely interested in each person’s beauty.

“You’ve got us to amber…”

“Must ruin it with Amber”

“I just want to know why Amber is trying to look like Jennifer Lawrence”