A particularly common natural phenomenon that occurs everywhere on our earth is thunder. It is a powerful electric current and is ready to destroy anything it throws.

Thunderstorms, dark clouds in the sky, followed by powerful electric currents that launch lightning bolts between clouds, always waiting for the right place to create a launch pad to the ground where humans live.

That is thunder. A flash of lightning, followed by a period of thunder, is a phenomenon that clearly describes that the speed of sound is slower than the speed of light.

Because of this difference, one can calculate the distance of a lightning bolt by measuring the time between seeing lightning and hearing thunder.

Lightning is an electrical discharge in the atmosphere between clouds and the ground or between clouds of different electrical charges, which sometimes occurs during volcanic eruptions or dust (sand) storms.

When launched into the atmosphere, lightning can travel at a speed of 36,000km/h. The phenomenon was recorded by a man before the appearance of strange clouds in the sky, one side of the cloud was lightning and the other side was the moon. Netizens expressed their feelings about this video:

“It’s called a thunder storm. Maybe if you went outside more…”

“It’s the damn moon, light and thunderstorm”

“Clouds, bright moon with storms”

Many opinions predict that the appearance of clouds and a bright moon is like a signal that a storm is coming. Manifestations from nature will help people recognize and prepare contingency plans.