Discovering that the 18-year-old “pet” python, 3m long because of its gluttony, swallowed a large towel in its stomach, the owner rushed to take it to the


A forest carpet python weighing nearly 5 kg and over 3 meters long has been rescued by veterinarians in Australia after swallowing a whole beach towel.

A video posted on Facebook by Small Animal Specialists Hospital (SASH) in Sydney, Australia shows doctors pulling a beach towel away from the python.

This python named Monty, 18 years old, belongs to the female species of forest carpet python with a size of more than 3 m and weighs nearly 5 kg. Monty the python swallowed a beach towel before being taken to the hospital.

According to SASH, the medical team anesthetized the python before taking an X-ray to identify the towel inside. Doctors then used a long tongs to pull the towel away from the python’s body.

The hospital also said that the python Monty quickly recovered and was discharged. “Monty python was released from the hospital the same day and its owner said it was happy and voracious again,” SASH wrote on Facebook.

The clip recording the above process has given us a rare look at the organ system inside the python’s body. The python was later released from the hospital on the same day and is said to have returned to its “normal hunger state”.