Fake cops, ‘torture tools’ and a bizarre mutilation plot sound like a Hollywood mobster movie – but it all allegedly happened at a Perth home.

Chilling vision has emerged of the moment two men allegedly posed as police officers in a bid to make their way inside a man’s home to cut off his tongue and hands in exchange for a cash reward.

Home-owner Sabah Al-Salem , recalling the terrifying moment he realised his life was on the line.

Security video shows two men arrive at the Iraqi refugee’s Canning Vale home dressed in black with gloves on and masks hiding their faces.

Al-Salem did not realise it was a trick.

“I said show me your ID and your stuff … he just (showed) me his ID and there was a police sign,” he told

The strangers were pretending to be WA Police officers who knew his name and produced what looked like a search warrant.

Al-Salem does not speak English well and tried to phone for help when he realised the encounter was not what it seemed.

“You mafia, you’re not policemen … go on the outside,” he recalled saying.

But the vision shows the men enter his home anyway carrying a bag, which was allegedly filled with “torture tools” including a saw.

“He pulled straps from his back pocket, he said show me your hands, I want to tie it.”

Then suddenly the police imposters became spooked and took off.

A security camera recorded the ordeal just before 8pm on September 9.

Detectives have charged two men with conspiring to commit grievous bodily harm, impersonating and attending as a public officer and aggravated home burglary with intent over the bizarre plan to allegedly mutilate Al-Salem.

The pair allegedly agreed to cut off his hands and tongue for a $25,000 cash reward. A third man has also been charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

Al-Salem wants to know who ordered the hit. He says he has had friendships go sour but this is like something out of a mobster movie.

“My life is at risk,” Al-Salem said. “People came to slaughter me … to cut off my hands.

“Thousands were paid to get me killed, who did it? The police still don’t tell me.

“It feels like we are not in Australia, we are in the Middle East.”

Police told the case is not closed yet and there could be more arrests.