In the clip, the group of cars is on the right side of the road, but there is a car going the wrong way to jostle the road. The behavior of that vehicle must be punished according to the provisions of the law. According to the Government’s Decree 100/2019/ND-CP on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of road and railway traffic (Decree 100), which was officially applied from January 1, 2020, people participating in traffic not following the right lane, their part of the road will be fined: For cars: A fine of between 03 – 05 million dong; Driver’s license revoked from 01 – 03 months. The previous fine for this behavior was only from VND 800,000 – VND 1.2 million and the driving license was revoked from 01 – 03 months.

Also according to Decree 100, if you go to the wrong lane or part of the road that causes traffic accidents, you will be fined from 10 to 12 million VND; Driver’s License revoked from 02 – 04 months. According to the above analysis, the driver of a car encroaching on the motorbike lane will be subject to an administrative fine of up to 5 million VND. In case of causing traffic accidents due to going in the wrong lane, they will be fined from 10 to 12 million dong and have their driving license revoked for 2 to 4 months (according to Article 5 of Decree No. 100/2019/ND-CP). In addition, the person causing the accident is responsible for compensating the person suffering damage in the event of an accident. Specifically, according to the provisions of the 2015 Civil Code, the damages that the driver of the car encroaching on the lane causing the accident will have to pay compensation is determined as follows:

Damage due to compromised property: Property is lost or damaged; the use value of the property is lost or reduced; reasonable cost to prevent and remedy the damage,… Damage to health is infringed: expenses for medical treatment, fostering, health rehabilitation and actual lost or reduced income of the aggrieved person; the actual costs and lost income of the carer of the aggrieved person during the treatment period; compensation for mental loss… Loss due to infringing life: funeral expenses; alimony for those for whom the aggrieved person is obliged to support; compensation for mental loss… In particular, violations when driving cars encroaching on motorbike lanes can also be examined for penal liability under the Criminal Code on Crimes of Violations of regulations in the field of road traffic.

The lightest fine for violations is a fine of from 30 to 100 million dong, non-custodial reform for up to three years or a prison term of one to five years if causing death; causing injury or harm to a person’s health with a bodily injury rate of 61% or more;… In short, driving a car in the wrong part of the road or lane as prescribed will be administratively sanctioned and deprived of the right to use the driver’s license for the prescribed period of time. Moreover, they are also examined for penal liability for the crime of violating road traffic regulations in the case of an accident. Therefore, drivers need to be careful when participating in traffic on the road to avoid unfortunate things that may happen.