A one-way street is a road where traffic is only allowed or goes in a specific direction. This applies to all bicycles, motorcycles, and cars…
If you, unfortunately, do not know and go in the forbidden direction, you will be fined according to traffic laws. Except for only one case, the vehicle in circulation is the preferred vehicle

When participating in traffic on the road, you will see a lot of signs along the routes. One-way streets will also have alerts for pedestrians to notice;
prevent them from breaking the law.
The vehicle driver must know the traffic laws and have a driver’s license. Because then, you have been through the locklearn traffic laws and signs, and test to get a driver’s license.

The video shows that the car in front has gone in the opposite direction, obstructing the vehicle traveling on the one-way lane and causing the movement to be passed. One of two people has to back up to move forward to exit this small one-way street; the car in front has to back to make way for the other vehicle to drive, and quickly, they can debug immediately. I don’t dare to think about the consequences of an accident occurring when going in the opposite direction on a one-way street or obstructing traffic jams. They are causing stickers to block traffic and the work progress of others.

Many people expressed frustration at the car owner’s non-compliance with traffic laws in this case. They think this situation is now
prevalent; it reflects the sense and responsibility of each individual going down and hopes people should reconsider. Know how to obey traffic laws to
protect yourself as well as yourself.