Currently, racing is a trend among young people, who consider it a game for entertainment and betting. The video shows the incident of a car race between a Lambo and a car.1300rr with a speed of 285km/h, and a group of young people and children stood to see who would be the winner.

The video ended in disappointment, making many people annoyed and not understand the problem still happens. Many people watch it repeatedly but don’t understand what’s wrong with the video and get angry at the joker like this. Many people show interest in racing and hope for a satisfying ending.

Those knowledgeable about this game will immediately realize this is a hoax. It’s impossible to race at such a fast speed on such a winding road. Controversy broke out, and the video became the focus of many discussions. Luckily this is a joke and not the truth; I don’t know how the accident will happen, and the consequences will be terrible.

Many people expressed their opinion:

“So the sound of the car moving forward means that the speed is slower than the sound that people can’t see??”
“I’ve never seen anything so fast; it’s hard to see.”
“Even the child participates in the madness, especially one that is watched repeatedly.”
“Pure bullshit, there’s no car there, and at that speed, it’s impossible to rotate the curve you see at the bottom.”
“Never did he make the curve at that speed.”